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One of the goals of Elkin Music International is “for all the world’s great music” to be made available to all musicians. In this endeavor, we make every effort to supply the sheet music, classical or other, of virtually all foreign music publishers and all domestic music publishers. We never give up, and we go literally to the ends of the earth to get the sheet music our customers need. Our network of connections to the catalogs of international music publishers large and small, far and near is probably more extensive than any other classical sheet music store and gives us a major advantage when it comes to finding the classical sheet music you need. See our lists of some of the major foreign music publishers and American music publishers that we supply.

We discover new publishers of sheet music, classical and other, almost daily and our list is constantly expanding. For customers looking to buy classical sheet music online, our store is unsurpassed in the breadth of publishers represented. If there’s an international music publisher (or one from America) that does not appear on our lists, please don’t hesitate to contact us for information.