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Bärenreiter Publishing


Bärenreiter is one of the largest and most respected publishers of classical sheet music in the world. Its extensive program of classical sheet music publications encompasses not only standard concert repertoire, but also educational sheet music, contemporary sheet music as well as books on music. The company was founded by Karl Votterle in 1923 and today is under the leadership of his descendents, Barbara Scheuch-Votterle and Leonhard Scheuch. With headquarters in Kassel, Germany, and subsidiaries in Switzerland, the United Kingdom, the United States, and the Czech Republic, the Barenreiter Group is committed to the publication and distribution of classical sheet music of the highest standard.

From the beginning, Barenreiter has had clear goals: to make a significant contribution to musical culture and to preserve the heritage of European music. So how did Barenreiter set about to achieve these goals? As a publisher of classical sheet music, it was Karl Votterle’s ingenious idea to create the concept of the New Complete Editions. He embarked upon an ambitious project to collect and publish the entire output of numerous composers, keeping to their original intentions.

Barenreiter has been a pioneer in the publication of new scholarly editions of classical sheet music. Through the New Complete Editions Barenreiter sets the musical standards for others to follow. In order to make these standards accessible to all practicing musicians, without compromising the high quality musicological content, Barenreiter publishes a comprehensive range of Practical Urtext Editions for study and performance. These performing editions make accessibility to high quality, scholarly classical sheet music editions a reality for musicians around the world.

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