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Ordering from Elkin Music

How to Order

Standard Orders

Our shopping cart system makes thousands of classical sheet music and book titles available for convenient, secure online ordering. To buy classical sheet music online, simply search by keywords for the titles you need and make your selection from the search results. We have thousands of classical sheet music titles which we make every effort to keep in stock, although occasionally customer demand temporarily depletes our supply. Since we replenish our stock regularly, rest assured your orders for items which are temporarily out of stock will be filled in a timely manner. Our extensive database also includes thousands of titles of classical sheet music, books on music, and other types of music which we do not stock, but which are readily available from international music publishers and from publishers in America. Order these titles with the confidence that you will receive them as quickly as possible. Our database expands daily, so we encourage you to visit us often to take advantage of all the classical sheet music and other products we have to offer.

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Special Orders

If you can't find the books or sheet music, classical or other, that you need by using our shopping cart system, take a look at our Complete Catalog to browse by composer and title. If after searching our catalog you still haven't had luck, please don't give up! Bear in mind that with millions of publications of books on music, classical sheet music and other types of music available worldwide, it is impossible for us to begin to list all of them at our website. The good news is that our Special Orders option allows you to securely buy classical sheet music online for any title you've not found listed at our website! This option is also an excellent resource for online orders for sheet music, classical or other, which you have not had success obtaining from any other supplier. Simply go to the Special Orders page, fill out all the requested information (making sure to provide as many details as possible about the music you need), and submit your request. If you have questions about using this feature, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Dealers are encouraged to use the Special Orders option for placing online orders for all classical sheet music and other products from both international music publishers and from domestic publishers. Doing so insures that the appropriate discounts are extended.

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