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For musicians interested in the music of Austrian composers and looking to buy classical sheet music online, Elkin Music International is proud to include the distinguished Doblinger catalog in our online classical sheet music store. Situated in Vienna's historic city center, Doblinger plays a lively part in Austrian musical life and is regarded as the premier publishing house for Austrian classical sheet music. The company's origins date back to a classical sheet music store in the Goldschmiedgasse that was founded in 1816. After the death of its owner, Friedrich Mainzer, this well established classical sheet music store continued to be run by his widow, and in 1857 it was bought by Ludwig Doblinger. After Doblinger's death in 1876, Bernhard Herzmansky, Sr., took over this classical sheet music store, and by this time the business had expanded to include substantial publishing activity. Doblinger publications included works by Anton Bruckner, Gustav Mahler, Ignaz Brull, Carl Goldmark, Alexander Zemlinsky, Ernst von Dohnányi, and Franz Lehar, and soon the name Doblinger was prominent among international music publishers.

A sense of adventure is one of Doblinger's essential attributes as a publisher of classical sheet music, and this is evidenced historically by the company's close collaboration with composers. By its fiftieth anniversary in 1926, Doblinger was wholly dedicated to “serious” classical sheet music. In the years between the two world wars, the main new publications were Viennese music and operettas from the genre's “silver period.” Since 1945 Doblinger's main interest has been in the publication of contemporary classical sheet music. In 1955 the musicologist Herbert Vogg became responsible for Doblinger's publishing program. In collaboration with managing director Christian Wolff, Mr. Vogg gave Doblinger's publishing concerns a decisive emphasis by contracting with virtually all important Austrian composers of the second half of the twentieth century. Doblinger is, like many international music publishers, a family-run enterprise and is managed in its fourth generation by Helmuth Pany, the great-grandson of the company's founder, Bernhard Herzmansky. Sr. Mr. Pany became Doblinger's managing director in 1980 and has maintained the company's commitment to publishing the music of contemporary composers, with a particular interest in representing the breadth of the stylistic spectrum in the younger generation, including recent crossover movements. Through all these pursuits, and with a classical sheet music catalog in excess of 20,000 titles, Doblinger is regarded today as the leading publisher of Austrian contemporary classical sheet music.

In addition to its commitment to publishing classical sheet music by contemporary composers, Doblinger has distinguished itself in other ways. The specialist series “Diletto Musicale” was founded in 1958 with the publication of about thirty first editions of works by Joseph Haydn (edited by H. C. Robbins Landon). Taking into account the increasing demand for historically accurate performing editions of early classical sheet music, this important series currently boasts approximately 1,300 editions. Practical and amateur editions continue to be published in the series “Guitar Chamber Music” (founded by Karl Scheit) and in the recorder series “Flautario” (founded by Hans Ulrich Staeps). The demand for new classical sheet music for the Church in the wake of the Second Vatican Council gave rise not only to the printing of numerous new Mass settings but also to the development of a substantial repertoire of classical sheet music for organ. Doblinger's music pedagogy catalog was supplemented by the publication of textbooks for primary and secondary school music education. Other book publications have been, among other things, dedicated to works on Richard Strauss, Franz Schmidt, and contemporary composers. Doblinger has also published facsimile editions of classical sheet music with critical notes and commentary. Since the 1980s, special attention has also been paid to developing its catalog of works for the stage, so that Doblinger has achieved the reputation as a primary publisher of modern opera.

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