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The quality and reliability of its classical sheet music editions place Carus-Verlag among the foremost international music publishers Elkin Music International offers in our online classical sheet music store. For any musician wishing to buy classical sheet music online, especially choral music, the Carus-Verlag catalog of classical sheet music is one of the best-respected among foreign music publishers. Carus-Verlag was established in 1972 to publish sacred choral classical sheet music. Since its founding, the focus of Carus-Verlag has been to publish critical editions of little known choral works from all eras, and to produce reliable editions of older, better-known works which do not conform to the standards of modern classical sheet music editorial practice. Evidence of this endeavor includes the continuing publication of critical performing editions of the cantatas of J.S. Bach and the works of Josef Rheinberger.

In pursuing its goal of continually expanding the repertoire of classical sheet music available to choirs, Carus-Verlag has become one of the most prominent international music publishers of choral sheet music and the leading international music publisher of sacred classical sheet music worldwide. With more than 18,000 classical sheet music titles by more than 3,500 composers, including secular vocal music, instrumental music, CDs, books, and postcards, the Carus-Verlag publishing program for classical sheet music has grown far beyond the scope of its original intentions. Under the editorial leadership of Gunther Graulich and the management of Dr. Johannes Graulich and Waltraud Graulich, the Carus-Verlag classical sheet music publishing program continues to expand. At present a number of large-scale editions of classical sheet music are being published. These editions include the works of Schutz, Telemann, Bach and the Bach family, Mozart, Schubert, Mendelssohn, Brahms, Bruckner, Rheinberger, and Bornefeld.

Carus-Verlag editions of classical sheet music adhere to the highest scholarly standards. They are also distinguished by the excellent quality of the music engraving and by their attractive presentation. With forewords printed in three languages, these classical sheet music editions are addressed to an international audience, and their quality can be trusted by all musicians everywhere who buy classical sheet music online. Among international music publishers of classical sheet music, these editions are unsurpassed. For expert information on Carus-Verlag editions and available titles, contact Elkin Music International today.

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